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【ビジネス英語】succinctly の意味、例文、類語






in a concise or verbally brief manner:

- Students must demonstrate the ability to correctly and succinctly communicate research findings.


Cambridge Dictionaryより引用:

in a way that expresses what needs to be said clearly and without unnecessary words:

- I thought she expressed her feelings most succinctly at the meeting.

- Start with a subject line that succinctly sums up your request.




  1. Can you explain that more succinctly for me? I'm not following.
  2. She was able to succinctly summarize the main points of the article.
  3. He succinctly described his plans for the future in just a few sentences.
  4. I need to succinctly convey this information to my team in the morning.
  5. The author's writing style is known for being clear and succinct.
  6. Can you please be more succinct in your presentation? We only have 10 minutes.
  7. The CEO succinctly outlined the company's strategy for the upcoming quarter.
  8. Can you succinctly summarize the results of the market research for the team?
  9. In the meeting, the CFO succinctly presented the financial reports.
  10. The proposal should be written succinctly to ensure it is well received by the investors.




  1. もっと簡潔に説明してくれないかな?私はついていけません。
  2. 彼女はその記事の要点を簡潔にまとめることができた。
  3. 彼はわずか数センテンスで、将来の計画を簡潔に説明した。
  4. 午前中にこの情報をチームに簡潔に伝える必要がある。
  5. 著者の書き方は、明快で簡潔であることで知られています。
  6. プレゼンテーションをもっと簡潔にお願いします。10分しかないんです。
  7. CEOは、次の四半期に向けた会社の戦略を簡潔に説明した。
  8. チームのために、市場調査の結果を簡潔にまとめていただけますか?
  9. 会議で、CFO は財務報告を簡潔に発表した。
  10. 投資家に受け入れられるように、提案書は簡潔に書かなければなりません。







ChatGPTを使い、succinctly の類語を使った文章も生成しました。(日本語訳はご自身でお調べください)

  • Briefly - Can you briefly summarize the report for me?
  • Concisely - The speaker concisely outlined the main points.
  • Simply - Please simply explain the concept.
  • Tersely - He answered the question tersely.
  • Clearly - Can you explain it more clearly?
  • Economically - The CEO presented the budget economically.
  • Precisely - The marketing plan was presented precisely.
  • To the point - The presentation was to the point and efficient.
  • Pithily - The salesman pithily described the product's features.
  • In a nutshell - The financial results were described in a nutshell.

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